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About Us
New World Marketing Group is a full service importer and marketing company that focuses on healthy and fun consumer products. New World Marketing Group established the PandaCorps™ web site as an educational and fun resource for public use.

New World Marketing Group operates out of Westport, Connecticut in a restored historical home off of the Boston Post Road. The company imports products from various countries to New World Marketing Group's east coast and west coast warehouse facilities. The products are re-distributed nationally through specialty wholesalers who service primarily independent markets.

In addition to its import, sales and marketing operations, New World Marketing Group provides consulting services to many European companies wishing to explore the sales potential of their products within the U.S. market. New World Marketing Group provides the reporting systems necessary for day-to-day "snapshots" of its business progress. The company's in-house facilities provide general, selling, and administrative functions. The import department managers are experienced in freight forwarding, FDA regulatory matters, as well as US Customs clearance policy and procedures.

If you'd like to contact us, please send us an email at