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Our Privacy Policy
Children can visit, view content, and play games without any personally identifiable information being collected. However, in some areas it is necessary to collect personally identifiable information from kids to allow participation in an activity, like entering a contest or submitting community project stories via e-mail.

PandaCorps™ believes it is good policy not to collect more personally identifiable information from kids 12 and younger than is necessary for them to participate in our online activities. In addition, be aware that all sites that are targeted to children 12 and younger are prohibited by law from collecting more information than they need.

No information collected from Guests 12 and younger is used for any marketing or promotional purposes whatsoever, by PandaCorps™ or New World Marketing. The information collected about kids 12 and younger is used only by PandaCorps™ to display in our membership certificate, to obtain permission to use community service project stories on our web site and to conduct contests. Although Guests 12 and younger may be allowed to participate in some contests where information is collected, notification and prizes are sent to the parents' or guardians' home address provided during the initial registration process. Publication of contest winners' full names, ages, or images for individuals 12 and younger require parental or guardian consent. Sometimes a nonidentifiable version of a child's name will be published. In those circumstances, parents may not be contacted again for permission.

We do not maintain a database with this information and therefore do not use the information for purposes outside of this web site.